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Audit AEO

Datum: 02.02.2021

The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic has carried out a reassessment of compliance of the criteria and conditions for the AEO - Authorized Economic Object. Our company has met all the criteria.

We are the holders of certificate AEOC - Customs simplifications/Security and safety No. CZ AEOC 0900E5.
AEO certificate is granted by Customs Administration of the Czech Republic to economic subjects that are reliable, customs issues knowing and financially stable.

AEOC certificate holder is in authority to use, by the way, also following advantages :
  • easier access to customs simplifications
  • the reliefs in relation to physical and documents checkings
  • the execution of preferential checking that is realized on the basis of the analysis of risks
  • to use counter at the customs office during customs procedure that is given for the clearance of economic subjects with the AEO status